Updates for November 1999

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Hi!!!!! Again I'm REALLY sorry for the lack of updates. I know everything is way out of date now, sorry!!!! Anyways updates today: new website of the week, two new quotes, and one new useless fact. Page landmarks: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 32000, Push character web @ 3000.


Holy cow I've been way too busy to update. I promise you I will update more soon! And when I do update it will be GOOD I swear! New website of the week today. Page landmark: Jaime Pressly Gallery @ 33000.

LATER today! Today I got a chance to do some more updates. I re-arranged the Alanis Lyrics, and put up a new page for the Unplugged album. I also put up the lyrics to Still, and That I Would Be Good Unplugged. As a result of the new page I updated the site map. I also moved a number of MIDI's and pages around.


Earlier this week I put up a counter on the Alanis Unplugged lyrics page. Today I put up new instructions on the font page (Tripod has changed its download procedure), as well as fixing two bookmarks on the Alanis lyrics pages. Recent page landmarks: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 34000 & 35000, Eddie Mills Picture Gallery @ 4000, and Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 7000 & 8000


Today I put up a new Website of the Week and updated the news for Flying Into The Millennium


Today I finally have time to update on a weekday! Updates today:
I corrected a line in Still (Alanis). For the first time in seven months I updated the All Saints page today!!! There is word of a new album, so I put up a news section for that, as well as giving the site a new name (based on the album title): All Saints Need The Mic. Page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 36000


I corrected the name of the Website of the Week, and updated the discography and news on Thank U Alanis Morissette, with information from MTV Unplugged. Recent page landmark: All Saints Need The Mic @ 2000


Today I updated Push A Little Harder by putting up a banner for the site, as well as updating the news on Jaime Pressly, Jason Behr, and Eddie Mills. ALSO TODAY! I put up the lyrics to King Of Pain, These R The Thoughts, Princes Familiar, AND No Pressure Over Cappuccino on Thank U Alanis Morissette! That's it!


Today: new website of the week, made the main page Christmas-y, put up a December updates page, put up the lyrics to Head Over Feet Unplugged, updated fonts page, site map, and credits, put up the transcript of Alanis' Jay Leno appearance, put up a page for Alanis' live performances 2000, took down the Alanis '99 awards nominations section, and updated the Alanis news. Page landmarks: Thank U Alanis Morissette @ 5000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 37000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 9000, and Dawson's Creek character page @ 6000 & 7000 (I missed 6000 at some point)


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